Invitation to Outfitters

Here is a tailor-made training program for your guide staff and field workers. This GuideExpert training program will improve their knowledge of customer service, safety, regulations and the behavior to adopt in various situations.

They will be made aware of the whole process of understanding the importance of serving and leading customers well as they are usually left alone with the customer for a long time and their knowledge is very important so that the client has a pleasant and safe stay in their company.

Guide Expert offers you this unique training program and you will see immediate results following a training session that can be presented at your premises if you organize a group.

Register your staff to participate in the GuideExpert training now offered online, you no longer have to travel.

Complete the registration form for each participant and pay a deposit of $ 75 per person by credit card or Paypal
directly online to confirm their participation. (The balance of $ 175 per person will be billed to you later)
You will receive all information and directions by email.

For group training, please contact us by email (email) for pricing and details.