For me the training session is very complete and I learned to deal with all the topics involving customers as well as all security rules which is very important. The follow-up with Gaston Hénault is really professional and it's really something important. The training is perfectly suited. I'm thrilled and can't wait to use what I learned.

Jordan Martin

Lives in Switzerland

Jordan%20Martin 1

My main goal consist on transferring my knowledge to the younger generation through a survival, fishing and hunting camp, I am very satisfied to have taken this online training program provided by GuideExpert. Being myself a fisherman and hunter for many years, this training program reinforced my knowledge of the profession of a fishing and hunting guide that I already had, having to experienced several times during my hunting trips.

The different types of clientele, the services offered, the quality of reception, security, the guide's various tasks and regulations were discussed. The part focused on customer behavioral management and the various scenarios of this training allowed me to think about the appropriate reactions to put in place when faced with particular critical situations that may arise during an expedition.

I am very happy to have been able to meet Gaston Hénault whom I congratulate on his professionalism and wish him a pleasant retirement, well deserved but still active, busy managing his training company and its various projects.

Patrice Raillard

Lives in Nouméa, New Caledonia

Patrice Nouvelle-CaledonieWeb
Patrice%20Raillard espagne-web

I am quite satisfied with my Guide Expert training program because this training confirms the basic elements of hunting and fishing, everything is there, safety, courtesy, knowing how to react, regulations, laws etc. If a guide masters this base, he or she will become a very good guide, mainly practice will be better and will enrich it over the years.

This training session will be complementary to all the knowledge already acquired by the guide and becomes an asset and an additional baggage to highlight and be able to apply for various jobs as hunting and fishing guide. As a recommendation, frankly, I do not know what to say if it is not that it could be supplemented by a module dedicated to the knowledge of the wild animals existing in Canada. I think that there are organizations in Quebec that are already doing this.

In the near future, I will strongly recommend your session to all those who are eager for new knowledge coming from a neighboring country ... of your beautiful country of Quebec ... Bravo Quebec.

Bastien Rodriguez

lives in the Var in France

Marie Neige%20Saucier


Marie-Neige Saucier

Québec, QC


This training brilliantly complements my own personal training as a guide. It allowed me to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. With this training, I will be able to better carry out my work as a guide, and at the same time, better serve my clients so that they can have an unforgettable experience with me, at all times, and even when there will be no catch during the fishing expedition. All this in a jovial, clean and above all, safe environment.

As a recommendation, I would tell you to continue your work with the government so that this training can eventually lead to a hunting and fishing guide competency card. The profession of guide, although pleasant, requires a lot of effort and work. And not everyone is ready to put what is necessary in order to be able to adequately satisfy their customers. Those who participate in this training is that they want to do what it takes in order to be a professional guide. It would therefore be beneficial for this training to lead us somewhere.

Thank you for this great training. It is very appreciated, and I know that it will help me a lot for my future customers.

Frédéric Vignola

Baie-Comeau, QC


Good training program, very informative in terms of customer service. For my part, I am very satisfied, I believe that the training program is very complete. The only aspect missing in my opinion has already been mentioned, the fishing sanctuaries.

Thomas Giroux

St-Joseph du Lac, QC

I really enjoyed my training I was born to be a guide but after this training I feel full of resources I really learned. It will be a great experience for all those who will take the course in the future thank you very much Gaston

Louis St-Denis

Papineauville, QC

I found the questions on scenarios very interesting, which aims to see how we would react to certain situations and to see a person like you who checks and analyzes my answers.I am currently working in a ZEC and following this training helps me in relations with the clientele.

Daniel Martin

St-Damien de Brandon, QC

I am a few years away from retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces and I am considering being a hunting guide as a second career. I believe that my experience and my military training prepared me well for this type of job. However, I need to improve my knowledge in certain aspects of the hunting industry. This is what the GuideExpert training gave me. Customer service is essential to be a professional guide. The analysis of the types of customers pointed out to me that you have to be able to adapt well to the different types of customers.

 I also learned that the services offered are much more numerous than I thought. It's not just about Hunting and Fishing. As a recommendation, you could include an example of a typical day for a guide. The tasks are numerous and it would be interesting to know how an experienced guide organizes his day to be efficient. It would also be interesting to give an introduction to the job search process with outfitters or Sépaq. I found the training rewarding and the material well explained.

François Tremblay

Lives in Ste-Brigitte de Laval


A big thank you Gaston it was very pleasant to complete my online training program and I find the formula easy to follow. I especially enjoyed following this training at my own pace, everything is well detailed and very interesting.
We should all have little knowledge bases on nature and wildlife.
I really like being in nature, whether for hunting, fishing, survival in the forest or for various activities.
For me, and from now on it will continue to increase.
Thanks again !!

Steven Dufresne Ouellet

Lives in Quebec City, QC