This unique online GuideExpert training program is presented in 6 modules to be
completed followed by a final exam to obtain a written certificate.


A detailed analysis of all types of customers to be served.

A long overview that the guide should know about all types of clienteles, their needs, their requirements, the way of working with each group, etc. Several case studies to develop.

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The many new services offered to clients.

A detailed study of all types of services and activities now offered by outfitters and similar organizations.

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Safety, a key element

A very important module that the guide must master in order to ensure the success of a fishing or hunting trip. How to plan, set up and apply all the elements relating to security.

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The quality of the reception

A review of all the elements concerning the importance of the quality of the reception on the part of the staff in place.


All tasks related to the work of a hunting and fishing guide

One of the most important modules to study, a reminder of everything related to the guide's work, 10 sectors to study.


General information and regulations

A review of several regulatory elements that the guide must memorize in order to properly inform clients and generate good
conversations with clients. An overview of all the opportunities presented to the guide following this training program. Help with job search, advancement in the workplace, etc.

Each participant receives a module by email to complete and retransmits it for evaluation to receive the next module.

The final exam consists of a 40 multiple-choice questions plus 2 case study questions.

Cost of the training program $250 (Can) per person (A $75 deposit is required and payable online)

Important: The participant is supported on line throughout the whole training.